Rattling Bones is the final chapter of Tiny Thief. It also includes the final boss.


5-1: R.O.B.O.T




5-5: Eye of the Tentacle

Main Objective: Princess

Here, it's a very tricky level, as the tentacles will always hit you down if you're not careful enough. So, first of all, try to runout the first tentacle you across, then climb onto it, it will send you to the ladder. To get up, you will have to be knocked down, then get up when it is stuck. Then, you will be hit three times to get a wrench. Get the wrench, and go back to the second tentacle, climb up again, and go across it. After getting to the other platform,you will then be near to the octopus, but it won't see you. So, unscrew one of its bolts, go back down, and go across the other side by hiding in the barrels when the light comes. Then, unscrew its other bolt, and the mask will come down, leaving it bare. It will then smash the barrel below it, next to do is: The skeleton is now close enough to the princess, give him a tap when he is close enough, and he will drop his yo-yo. The princess will then throw the yo-yo, which you must collect to go on, then stay directly below the octopus' eye. When he sees you, you have to use the yo-yo to make him sleepy, then your ferret pet will be near you, give him a tap, and then he will zap the devil instead, leaving the octopus dieing. You will then win the level, but be sure to be careful.

Optional Test: Bonus items

Optional Test: Ferret pet

Your ferret pet is a must for this level. To get him: After you hypnotize the octopus with a yo-yo, your ferret pet will appear near you, give him a tap.


This is one of the 5 chapters in Tiny Thief, the others are: A Rumbling Stomach, A Corrupt Sherriff, The Cursed Treasure and A Royal Rescue.